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Realized apartment 48 sq.m. Spain 2019

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Residential interiors


What is the interior of your apartment? Has anyone thought about this question? The interior of your apartment is your face, it is your mood, and therefore your well-being. This is your life after all. I already know about it firsthand. Two years after buying an apartment, we lived without renovation. And gradually I realized how someone else's aura irritates me, someone else's taste, someone else's style. Resolved - we are doing repairs. And then the next obstacle: when I arrived at the store to choose a tile, I tortured the foreman, the seller, and myself for two hours before choosing anything. Further it gets worse. There are a million questions: what is the color of the walls, the configuration of the kitchen, the lamps, the sofa ... Having lost a week for everyday combing through the shops, and without buying anything, I remembered our wonderful Victoria. After all, she made such a cool project for my apartment in Rostov !!! I doubted a little, what if Vika does not work remotely? What if you need a personal presence? But the call resolved all doubts. Victoria took up the project, despite the urgency (the renovation was already underway, part of the work was completed, and we could not wait for the project for a long time) and some exoticism of the moment (the designer saw only a photo of the object). And in an incredibly short time, the project was ready! What a project !!! My, let's say, rather modest apartment, more like a hotel room, after the renovation done by the designer's project, turned into a cozy, incredibly comfortable nest filled with light and warmth of natural materials. I enjoy every minute I spend at home. Everything here pleases my eye, everything is done "for me", according to my taste. Another important point: the project indicated all materials, furniture, lamps that I could buy in affordable stores. This made my life tremendously easier. I am pleased! Not even that: I'm more than happy! And even if in the process of work I had some doubts, I trusted Vika, and in the end I was once again convinced that she was right a thousand times over! I am absolutely sincere and with a pure heart writing this review, because I am infinitely grateful to my designer for her professionalism and excellent human qualities, and with all my heart I wish her success!

Review from the family of Alexander and Natalia

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